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Hello and welcome to Imagination Illustrations! My name is Mark Henderson and this site has been established to provide original illustrations and graphics for corporate, literary and personal clientele. Look below, and let's go!

Personal Illustrations

I enjoy capturing through personalized illustration people's unique personalities, events, feelings and emotions. I especially enjoy creating personalized illustrations for special occasions and milestones in people's lives. (See Testimonials). I would be honored to help you communicate your special message via a personalized illustration - use them for personalized cards and gifts! Whether it is E-cards or personalized illustrations, I can bring the unique aspects of Illustration and this can customize and personalize your event, party or just greeting cards to friends / family and create unforgettable keepsakes. If you can imagine it, I can work with you to design and create it!

Corporate Clientele

For my corporate clientele, I can enhance your websites, clip art, blogs, forums, email blasts, logos, power point presentations, videos and slide videos to the next level of true professionalism. My services include not only illustrations, but also original music compositions (I am an award-winning composer) (See Mark Henderson Music). Unique and creative illustrations and music will enable you to stand out from your competition, putting your company and brand on the cutting edge for your marketing needs. Your specifications coupled with a partnered approach in design can define the unique aspects and style of your company.

Literary Clientele

Expanding horizons is my mantra and for those in the literary world, I can supply Illustrations for hard back books, Ibooks, Ebooks and Magazine publications. Also, to further enhance your work for a more turn key effect, I can add music, originally scored to your digital literary works. I wear many artistic hats, one being an award-winning music composer.

Let's Get Started!

Contact me now so I can get started taking your visions and turn them into reality, your needs given originality and uniqueness that no one else can provide but me. Grasp the moment and let's step forward together!